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Lynn McCurdy-Robinson

Lynn McCurdy-Robinson

BA, MA,Cultural Anthropologist,

I was in 8th grade in now 64. MR.HAIRSTON came to our school district by invitation, either our school district supervisor or one of the glee club teachers. The entire school district glee clubs (Sweetwater District-South Bay, San Diego,CA) both high school and junior high glee clubs were brought together to learn his music and give a one night performance for San Diego County conducted by Mr. HAIRSTON. Each school grade learned different songs..I believe it was 3 for the high schools and 3 for the junior highs. And, then a couple songs joined together.

A record was made of the concert which I still have. It also includes the many stories Mr. HAIRSTON shared with all of us. It was never OF great quality, but I am willing to have it transferred into a better quality CD, if that is something your project would like.

A post script...Sweetwater School District in the 1963-64, was mostly white and Hispanic. Our socio economic culture didn't change to include African Americans until the late 1970' to 1980's. Mr.HAIRSTON was a definate treat and his stories left us all in awe. I have never forgotten that night...even as a young teenager.