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Gene Brooks (d. 2007)

Gene Brooks (d. 2007)

Executive Director, The American Choral Directors Association, Edmond, Oklahoma

Dear Friends of Jester:

The legacy of Jester Hairston continues to shine and to bring joy to people all over the world. This Centennial celebration marks a life filled with the joys of musical accomplishments matched by very few. Jester, born on July 9, 1901, traveled a wide and varied path, buyt he left a vivid memory with all whose lives he touched.

His contribution to the world of choral music will be lasting, and his striving for excellence is recognized today as a standard for all of us to emulate. He was known by many as an actor, arranger, composer, and director, but he will be remembered by those who knew him best as an individual who lived life to the fullest. He gave to the world, through his music, a gift that will long be cherished by the present and future generations.

Members of the American Choral Directors Association showed their love and devotion to Jester throughout his life. It would be impossible to count the number of choral programs throughout this country and the world that included Jester Hairston in person or presented his choral works. So loved and honored was this great man that ACDA in 1989 dedicated its national convention to him.

I am sure that Jester would have enjoyed tremendously this celebration of his music. His impact on American choral music will continue as long as individuals raise their voices in his compositions and songs and share his joy and love of life.

Thank you for remembering Jester Hairston and honoring him in this way.